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Talent Agent: 18 Years 
Road Manager: 10 Years 
Business Manager: 10 Years
Personal Assistant: 10 Years
Tour Producer: 10 Years

Born and raised in Louisville, KY, Israel has always followed his musical dreams. He was born into a family that loved and played music.  He saw first hand from his parents the details of booking talent and the demands of that position and working with diversities of people. 

In 1999, he opened a small agency to book Christian Talent.  Many doors opened and he says it’s the Integrity of his company that made his company where it’s at today.  He has worked with many Major (Headline) Artist to your local talent.  He has also worked with Secular Artist to Presidents of National TV Networks.  He has toured in almost every state in the US and has met thousands of people.  He has spoken to hundreds of people about his passion of being: An Agent, Road Manager and now Producing the best Tours in the Country.   

In 2011, doors open to work with some Hollywood Legends and continues to work with them today.  He also worked with a major Christian Network to celebrate Dr. Billy Graham's Birthday.

In 2012-14, Israel produced more tours as well as working with hi-profile clients as their PA.

In 2016, Israel continues to book and produce many tours including a new Christmas tour.

in 2017, Israel will be producing one of the largest tours in the US.  A 45th Anniversary Tour and a Legacy Tour in 100 Cities that will flow into 2018.  

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